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Inês' Story

I had my first infection at 14 and two more infections during adolescence.. Then, in 2020, I had two infections diagnosed with ecoli and since then my path has never ended.

My infections officially started in 2020, I had 2 UTIS with positive e-coli tests. (I took fosfomycin and another antibiotic). And I took the Urovaxom vaccine for 3 months.

But the UTI symptoms never stopped.

So 2021, was the year of exams to understand why I have flares everyday, (I had pain and burning in the urethra, urgency, frequency) and pelvic pain (mainly on the right side, the pains were like intermittent stabbing).

I did: X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, renal and suprarenal, and bladder and suprapubic ultrasounds.

All tests came back all negative and everything was fine in my bladder and pelvic area.

I live in Portugal, but no urologist agrees with Chronic UTI. So my antibiotic intake was always short.

I've already felt very suicidal, I have panic attacks at night because I don't know what to do, what's the next step, I've already had a consultation with Dr. Bundrick, I have a treatment to do...but I can't find the antibiotic anywhere in my life. Europe! Do I make fulguration? Do Bacteriophages? Do I follow with a naturopath who specializes in Chronic UTI? There is no money for everything...I have to make a choice.

I hope there are more studies on Chronic UTI, more treatments other than antibiotics that destroy the vaginal and intestinal microbiota. And that there is awareness for all women when they have an acute UTI and know how to solve it without antibiotics

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