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The dipstick and culture tests most commonly used at your primary care or urologists office are terribly inaccurate. In fact, they are proven to be up to 90% inaccurate. It is time for us to demand tests that work and support antibiotic stewardship. It is perfectly acceptable to insist that your doctor order one of these tests. Here are some choices:


CirrusDX created vertically integrated diagnostic solutions for UTIs and beyond, proper diagnostic tools that lead to proper treatment. 

MircoGenDX Diagnostics

MircoGenDX specializes in low-cost, highly accurate testing and diagnostics - providing answers where cultures and PCR alone have failed.


Pathnostics is the leading diagnostic testing and development company providing solutions for infectious disease that will get patients on the right path.


The MyUTI test is an affordable, at-home PCR test that delivers a more precise view of what's causing your UTI with personalized treatment recommendations.

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